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Brainomagic Online Summer Camp

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Online Learning

For the next few weeks we will be using webex to conduct our classes  We will be sending ANSWER keys and Need parents to help with GRADING. We will use  google class room to submit GRADED homework. In order to replicate the environment as close to the actual class room as possible, we would like to recommend the following guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of

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Practice Session Details

Competition 2020 Practice session signup RULES: We offer free practice session at different times in different centers Times and teachers may change every week to accommodate everyone Sign ups will be updated on website and sent on Monday 3/2, 3/9,3/16,3/23 for the following week. Parents are REQUIRED to sign up for practice sessions. Please see details below for no-show charge and other details. Parents are

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2020 Best Effort Guidelines

WHO: 2 children per center who do the the most number of 7.5 min practice sheet sets gets the trophy for the center. WHEN: Trophy will be given on Annual Day along with other trophies. HOW: A link will be sent to enter number of 7.5 min sets done by children on April 2nd which will be due by 8PM.  Link will also be

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2020 Competition Rules

You NEED to either use Physical Abacus or Visualize  Abacus mentally based on list Below Difficulty level F1-Dir Abacus Only F1-OHH Abacus Only F2-THH +5 Abacus Only L2-F3 Combi Mental OR Abacus L2-F4 Mental OR Abacus L1 Dir Abacus L1 OHH Abacus L1 THH Abacus L2-F3 Combi Mental OR Abacus L2-F4 Mental OR Abacus L3 and up Mental Only PLEASE NOTE : If your

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2020 Registration Details

Featuring: Competition across Brain-O-Magic Students from all over the Bay Area Students will compete by level Prizes and Recognition(1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies for each level) Each participant will be receiving a Participation Trophy Graduation Ceremony for Level 10 Carnival Games, Food and More! Participants: All Past & Presently Enrolled Brain-O-Magic Students are eligible to participate! EVENT IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. PLEASE JOIN WAITLIST. We will

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2020 Practice Papers

Printing guidelines: Please select your assigned COMPETITION level ( That should have been emailed to you )  from the following level options. PLEASE NOTE COMPETITION LEVEL MAY NOT BE THE LEVEL THE CHILD IS CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN. It will generate online excel workbook. Every time it is opened a new workbook will be generated.  You can also go to Formulas and Calculate workbook to

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