Our Team

AparnaAparna Vemuri
I hold a bachelors degree in Instrumentation engineering. A committed, passionate teacher, I have a flair for engaging kids in educational and fun activities. I have a strong conviction that at every stage of their career, if the children stay focused on their intellectual pursuits, they can easily ride over any hurdles with ease and become successful. I strongly believe that Brain-O-magic program serves as a platform for learning to stay focused and this would eventually help them achieve their goals. Mother of two beautiful kids, my husband and I like to spend time in family getaways. I like to cook, play throw ball and watch basketball and cricket.

Fun Fact – When no one is around I like to do crazy dance to fast numbers.

Reema Sachar ReemaSachar
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Delhi University, India. I’ve been teaching in the Bay Area for more than 7 years now prior to which I worked as an IT professional. It’s a great feeling to be responsible to give direction to young creative brains and mold them to bloom into happy, responsible people. I feel very fortunate to be able to bring positive change in several lives with this unique fun learning program. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors or paint.

Nisha MuraliNishaMurali
I have a Bachelor in Computer Science, but my passion has always been teaching and working with kids. This passion has always made me choose careers that involved interacting with kids. Working at Brain-O-magic has not only proved to be satisfying in terms of career­ but the environment and wonderful kids around me have made work exciting and fun. I am an avid reader and a movie buff


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