What does Brain-O-Magic (BOM) teach ?
BOM is a whole brain development program that teaches lifetime skills to students from age 5-13 years old. The learning and thinking process is enhanced when the right and left sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner. Research shows that during traditional learning most people use their left side of the brain and the right side is underutilized. At Brain-O-Magic, we develop the less dominant right side of the brain and improve the communication and coordination of both sides. Children who participate in this program gain creativity, presentation, speed and accuracy skills as well as an increase in self-confidence and self-reliance. They have also shown remarkable improvements in academics.
Who can benefit from BOM?
All children age 5-13 regardless of IQ level. Can you imagine a child giving answers to questions like this in seconds without a calculator – square root of 7225, 4627X422, 22+55-43+79-89+72-59+87+51-32-41+67=? After completing this program, they will. In addition to these problems being solved, children will gain skill sets that they will be able to apply in school and will help then in ALL walks of life.
My child is already doing well at school and loves math. Why would he need this program?
The human brain has unlimited potential and there is always room to grow. This program is about training the brain and learning lifetime skills. Even if your child is an A+ student, this program will still help build a stronger foundation and help your child perform better at more competitive levels in other academic and non-academic areas.
My child has a difficult time with math. How will he do in this program and what kind of improvements can I expect with BOM?
As the training method of our program differs so greatly from that of traditional mathematics, a lack of ability in traditional math does not predict any less success in the program. This program will help your child to understand the concepts in a new way. BOM will also enhance your child’s ability to listen, concentrate and visualize any topic, enabling your child to better comprehend and remember a teacher’s explanation in all subject areas.
My child does not need to be able to do such difficult calculations. Why should he join this program?
BOM is not a math class teaching just calculations to your child. We use numbers as a tool to sharpen your child’s brain. With BOM, your child is not only learning to calculate with great speed and accuracy, but is also learning skills he can use in other areas – Academic and Non Academic.
How is BOM different from other math programs like Kumon?
Unlike other math programs, the Brain-O-Magic program is not a traditional math program. At BOM our goal is to sharpen the brain resulting in better concentration and listening skills. Hence, with the skills learnt here, students are able to use these skills in the classroom in ALL subject areas. The program teaches children to use the abacus, which is the tool used in this program. The result is that our students develop skills like focus, visualization, concentration, listening which can be demonstrated when they start solving arithmetic questions with unimaginable speed and accuracy. The various exercises in the program lead to enhancing skills like imagination, concentration and visualization.
How much work does this program require and will it add to my child’s school homework?
There is some level of practice involved to learn and master a new skill set. This program aims to make learning fun for children and they will enjoy doing this independently. It just takes an extra 10-15 minutes per day at home and the benefits will outweigh the amount of effort.
How is this program different from other abacus programs?
BOM provides our students quick and permanent results using the Japanese abacus. Our program maintains a progressive pace by which we are able to hold students. Some of the programs have too many repetitive courses that consume unnecessary time, while others focus on just learning the technique how to use the abacus as opposed to developing skills and developing the brain. At Brain-O-Magic we provide a very well balanced curriculum, along with planning each minute in a BOM class, to give the brain a fun exercise, without making it stressful. BOM’s course materials have been researched and tested for years, thus providing a more results oriented, comprehensive program designed with all kinds of children in mind. There are extra credit exercises for top students, while extra attention and additional classes will be given to the ones who might need more support. BOM provides rigorous training for teachers, broken up in steps in the span of 2.5 years unlike other abacus companies who provide their teachers with one-day seminars. We are committed to building a brand with very high quality materials and dedicated top-notch teachers.
All children advance differently and my child can pick up the concepts faster than other children, will he be kept the same level?
At Brain-O-Magic, our focus is not on just learning how to use the abacus. Even if the child is able to grasps the concepts quickly, we need to ensure that his brain is developing appropriately. We don’t want to overburden your child but at the same time we keep each child challenged and interested. We work with each child individually, ensuring that they reach their own maximum potential.
When can parents start seeing progress in school?
Parents should start seeing progress within 4 terms. Initially the child will make mistakes, even with the simplest problems. Please do not think that this program will make your child a genius overnight. Our program demands time and practice. During the 5th term you should start seeing remarkable changes assuming the child has been following the program as required
How much parent participation is involved?
We do believe that parental involvement is key to a child’s development. However, parents do not need to assist their child with Brain-O-Magic homework. All children should complete their work individually. We do want parents to ask their child whether they have completed the home practice work. However, we don’t expect parents to the check homework. To keep parents fully aware of a child’s progress, we have regular formal and informal parent teacher meetings providing feedback of a child’s progress, answering any questions that a parent might have and providing counseling to ensure that the child is making the best of this program.