Online Learning

For the next few weeks we will be using webex to conduct our classes  We will be sending ANSWER keys and Need parents to help with GRADING. We will use  google class room to submit GRADED homework.

In order to replicate the environment as close to the actual class room as possible, we would like to recommend the following guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of the class:

  1. Laptop Preferred: We will be using WebEx services for the on-line classes. These are restricted services which might not work effectively on phone & tablets. Therefore, we request you to arrange for a laptop if possible. Please place the laptop one arm away from the kid and a little higher i.e. 1-2 Feet. The purpose is to see the kids and their Abacus.
  2. Headphones will be required . We would like kids to wear headphones to ensure maximum focus.
  3. NO PARENTS IN CLASS.  For the past week we have seen children getting distracted when parents are in class. We request you not to be in the class. We will have the child call you if we are having any trouble.
  4. Please SIGN-IN onto webex using CHILD NAME
  5. We need to use GOOGLE CLASSROOM to submit HW. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS or see below for more instructions
  6. Eating of Snacks: No snacks allowed during class
  7. Concentration: If possible let the kid sit in the area with minimal disturbance or in a room.
  8. Rolling Chair: Please try not to give a rolling chair to the kid in order to avoid any distraction.
  9. Enough Space on the Table: Please see that kid have enough space on the table to keep their books, Abacus, and pencils
  10. Printer: We might need you to print a few things. Please inform the teacher if you do not  have access to printer

Instructions for GOOGLE CLASSROOM:


1) Please go to Login with any google account. Please make sure there is only one per child. It would be best if you can create one under your childs name.

2) click on the plus button and enter code the teacher gave you to join class. You need to join class only once.

3) Read Instructions in the Stream.

4) Upload pictures under the correct assignment before due date. WE STILL NEED PARENTS TO GRADE THE ASSIGNMENT and please make sure pictures are taken VERTICALLY


If you have any trouble connecting –

1. Puja Kasliwal – 630 287 1008

2. Mansi Kasliwal- 626 375 3307

3. Sunita Gupta- 510 474 8225


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