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Competition 2020 Practice session signup


  • We offer free practice session at different times in different centers
  • Times and teachers may change every week to accommodate everyone
  • Sign ups will be updated on website and sent on Monday 3/2, 3/9,3/16,3/23 for the following week.
  • Parents are REQUIRED to sign up for practice sessions. Please see details below for no-show charge and other details.
  • Parents are REQUIRED to print sheets before coming for practice session or they can be purchased from us (details below)
  • If sheets are not ready, your child might not be able to participate in the session.


Please note that child needs to bring the PRINTED COMPETITION SHEETS for the Practice session for signed up day. The practice sheets are marked by day, so you have a choice of printing only the days you require.

If child does not have sheets they might not be able to attend practice session. A PDF of Sheets are available on the website the MONDAY before for the practice sessions for the entire week starting Friday-Thursday.

THESE SHEETS NEED TO BE PRINTED (preferably DOUBLE SIDED) BEFORE CHILD COMES TO PRACTICE SESSION. They are marked by day, so you have a choice of printing only the days you require.

However we RECOMMEND, printing entire PDF at one go so you can practice at home incase you do not come for the practice session.

You ALSO have the option to buy the printed booklet for the week from us for

Upto L3 (around 45-50 pages)$6

L4-L10(around (80-85pages)$12.





  1. Please SIGN UP ASAP. The signups will be emailed and posted on the website. Slots get taken up within the first few hours. Please be sure to check website regularly.
  2. MAXIMUM 13 kids will be allowed for practice in a given session. Kids signed up will get first preference then it is on a first come first basis. If you do not sign up and we are full your child will NOT be able to attend the session.
  3.  We recommend sending your child to minimum 1 session per week, feel free to try with different teachers. Please DO NOT sign up for more than 3 sessions in advance to give everyone a chance however you are welcome to check day off club to see if any spots are still remaining.  If you do sign up for more than 3 sessions.. the rest will be deleted and you can sign up again day of the club.
  4. PLEASE SIGN UP only if you are coming.  Please inform the teacher in advance if you have signed up and not able to make it since you will be taking another child’s spot.   WE WILL BE TRACKING NO SHOWS and you will be charged $5 for each no show.  You can cancel signup until 8 pm the night before to avoid no show charge. 
  5. If you are not able to secure a place you can check after 8 pm the night before to see if there are any cancellations.


  • We can accomodate DROP-IN only if there is space available in the class. Please be sure to have sheets printed.

Please arrive on time so that the kids can start the competition practice sheet on time. Otherwise, your child might need to wait till we start the second round of sheets.


Center Days and times ( 1 hr sessions) Sign up link
Fremont(Mission) Sunday 3/8 @12:00
Tuesday 3/10@5:00
Thursday 3/12 @6:30
  Sign up now
 Newark(New Park Mall) Friday 3/6 @6:30
Saturday 3/7 @11:30
Monday 3/9@6:30
Wednesday 3/11@5:00
 Sign up now
Cupertino Friday 3/6 @7:15
Saturday 3/7 @1:30
Sunday 3/8@ 3:00
Monday 3/9@- 5:00
Tuesday 3/10@- 6:30-7:30
Wednesday 3/11@6:30
Thursday 3/12@6:30-7:30
 Sign up now
 Pleasanton  See sign up form for more details  Sign up now
SanRamon  See sign up form for more details   Sign up now
 Milpitas No sessions currently planned

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