Annual Competition Tips!!



Click here for the Practice Sheets!

Click here to read the Best Effort Trophy Guidelines!

TIP4: Please co-ordinate with your teachers and collect the badges and instructions for the competition by FRIDAY 22nd March and sign the waiver.


Compulsory ABACUS:


  • F1 Dir /OHH/
  • F1 THH+5 ( F2)
  • L1 Dir/OHH/THH+5

Abacus or Mentals: Choice of Abacus or Mentals – Can do half and half or choose to do some questions on abacus and some mentally


  • L2F3Combi
  • L2F4

Compulsory MENTALS


Remember MENTALS is faster but ABACUS might be more accurate so choose wisely

Even the word IMPOSSIBLE says I’M POSSIBLE !!!

TIP #3: For these last 10 days challenge yourself! Bump up your practice and we recommend trying to complete 4 sets of sheets (only 15 min per set) a day. All sheets need to be graded, corrections need to be done for the sheets, just try to push yourself further for more sheets done!

Hint: No Homework this week to help boost your Competition Practice!

Please bring 4 sharpened pencils with you to the competition. If one breaks you will have 3 more at hand and can make the most of your time!


TIP#2 Spend time working on timed competition papers for 15 minutes. Don’t worry about redoing the wrong questions in the sheet. Try to get higher score each time.

In case you still feel that your child needs to increase the speed:

For Lower levels: Time for 2 minutes each row and check which row is completed faster. Let them start the rows where they can answer most of the questions.

For Higher levels: Time 5 mins for multiplication, 5 mins for division and 5 mins for mentals and see what your child gets most correct in. Ask child to finish the section first where he/she gets most correct.

Try this several times … may be practice a little more on what you are slow with and try to gain speed. Don’t forget to continue practicing the section you are good in to keep up speed.

TIP#1: When solving you do not have to follow the order. Try to experiment different options and check which strategy works best also write the strategy on your practice sheet and you can choose the order that best works for you..
For higher levels you can work on multiplication and division first, for lower levels you can work on shorter questions 1-25 and 51-100 first then go to 26 and so on..Your choice !
Print 200 questions of the competition paper. Time yourself for 15 min and Solve. Check your work and see how many questions you got correct.

Solve another paper of 200 questions, Change the order around for higher levels try multiplication and division first… see what score you get.

In the spirit of encouraging practice we have the BEST EFFORT Trophy again this year.

Target getting the highest score !!! Each CORRECT ANSWER is worth 1 point !!!

Don’t forget the Brain O Magic Spirit!!




Most Important, Have FUN!!


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