Why Brain-O-Magic old


  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Help build photographic memory
  • Enhances presentation
  • Develops creativity and imagination
  • Makes a child calculator free for life
  • Removes fear of numbers
  • Enhances speed and accuracy
  • Develops self confidence
  • Makes the child self reliant
  • Improves comprehension

How does the program work?

Using the Abacus:The program starts with teaching the child how to use the abacus to solve basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Working with abacus demands concentration and coordinated interaction of eyes, both hands and both sides of the brain. This coordination of both sides is the key to superior intellectual abilities.

Mental Calculations:As the child becomes comfortable using the Abacus, they are taught to perform calculations mentally, using an imaginary Abacus. This trains the brain to work with pictures and enhances visualization which leads to the development of the usually underdeveloped right side of the brain.

Other Techniques:During each class, various teaching methods are used that are specifically designed to develop and enhance key skills. Examples include:

  • Flash cards to develop concentration and photographic emory.
  • Fast writing to develop speed, accuracy, concentration and listening skills.
  • Random numbers to develop memory and listening skills.


Top 10 reasons to choose Brain-O-Magic 


This class is not just another tuition class but it focuses on developing Listening, Concentration and Visualization skills. These skills will last lifetime. They are needed to excel in every walk of life. They build a strong foundation helping a child excel in BOTH academic and non-academic areas..


The course is structured in a way that the complete brain is developed instead of focusing on just learning how to calculate. Traditional learning methods focus on the use of only the left side of the brain leaving the right side underdeveloped. Whereas at Brain-O-Magic we focus on developing the underdeveloped right side of the brain along with helping the child with better coordination of both sides leading to superior mental capabilities.


Our Course teachers are highly competent and trained. They go through rigorous training and testing to ensure that each child is receiving superior quality instruction. The teacher progress and performance is monitored with strict standards.


The material is taught at a pace which makes it enjoyable and pressure free at the same time ensuring that children are learning skills that will help them build a strong foundation. We believe that learning should be fun and easy.


The batch size is kept small enabling personal attention given to each child’s need.


The class room time consists of various different activities ensuring that the child enjoys and learns and makes the best use of the time spent here.


The course material is prepared by a team of experts in this field. The program flow and questions are structured in such a way that the brains full potential is unleashed.


A child’s progress is monitored in every class. Extra classes are offered for children who might need them. Children who are doing well are monitored and steps are taken to make sure they are kept challenged and motivated.


Parent’s involvement is key to a child’s development. We ensure that parents are fully aware of a child’s progress. We have regular formal and informal parent teacher meetings providing feedback of a child’s progress, answering any questions that a parent might have and providing counseling to ensure that the child is making the best of this program.


At Brain-O-Magic we strive to create a fun environment keeping children challenged and interested. The class is structured in a way that the child remains focused and interested.