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"The secret of getting ahead is having the right start"

Our mission is to unleash the true potential of your child using mental math as a tool. We strive to prepare your children for success in all walks of life by enhancing: Confidence, Concentration, Communication, and a Can-do attitude.

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We aim to create an environment for your child that is the BEST:


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Enthusiasm and Energy




Training the brain

Our Programs

Both online and hybrid options available

Brain-O-Magic provides abacus-based mental math programs. They are designed by a team of experts in the educational field. Our scientifically developed curriculum goes beyond teaching Mental Math to your children. At Brain-O-Magic, we develop the less dominant right side of the brain and improve visualization. We emphasize using both hands, which helps improve communication and coordination in both sides of the brain. Children who participate in this program enhance creativity, memory, speed, and accuracy skills as well as increased self-confidence and self-reliance. With increased focus and concentration, children have also shown remarkable improvements in academics.


These skills help a child excel in all major walks of life

  • Improves Concentration

  • Helps Build a Photographic Memory

  • Enhances Presenation

  • Develops Creativity and Imagination

  • Makes your child Calculator Free for life

  • Removes the Fear of Numbers

  • Enhances Speed and Accuracy

  • Develops Self Confidence


Learning & Fun

Mountain House

Learning & Fun


Learning & Fun


Healthy Meals

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Children Safety

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Meet Our Staff

With education and experience in early childhood care

Our staff consists of three teachers one assistant with experience in early childhood care.


Puja Kasliwal

Founder, Director, Teacher

QuotesHello! I am the founder of Brain-O-Magic. I genuinely believe in the power of our programs and its ability to prepare our students for holistic success. I am very passionate about teaching and implementing innovative ideas for child’s development. To me, nothing is more satisfying than seeing a child grow each day into a smarter, sharper and a confident individual. Fun fact: My children think that I am a wonderful cook. Truth is, I can never replicate the recipe made earlier…..
Saba Firdose

Saba Firdose

Teacher, Training & Development specialist

QuotesMy ultimate goal is to make a positive change in a child life. I have been teaching for the last 16 years. I feel fortunate to be able to work with children of varied levels of ability and diverse learning styles and geographies (USA and India). My classes are productive, fun and encouraging. I ensure that your child does complete justice to the time he or she spends here. Fun fact: I uttered my first word at 4 years of age. My family thought that I am mute. Now, I talk on an average of 10 hours day.

Ami Mehta


QuotesI graduated from Mumbai University with a Bachelors in commerce and Economics. I love inspiring children to learn and grow academically and socially by making learning hands-on and fun. In my spare time I love spending time with family and friends.

Mangala Mandyam


QuotesI have been teaching at Brainomagic for over a year. I enjoy working with children. I find it very satisfying to see the children understand the concepts. The children in turn have taught me many things too. Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience!!!

Soumya Renukaiah


QuotesHi my name is Soumya Renukaiah. I come from India, Bangalore and I stay here in Mountain house, CA. I have a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. I love working with kids and under the guidance of Sarmita and training with Puja, I am able to make my dream of working with kids come true. Now it’s been 3 years teaching here. It’s been an amazing experience interacting with kids and parents. It’s inspiring to see kids growing academically and having fun doing it.
Vasudev Gellanki
Vasudev Gellanki
Brain-O-Magic has helped my daughter extraordinarily. There were a lot of ways that Brain-O-Magic helped her. One of the ways that helped my daughter was that she got a lot better in math at school, great speed and at the same time accuracy. Because of Brain-O-Magi, she had all the skills to compete and excel in the competition. Brain-O-Magic had always made comfort for their students and helped them massively in all means. So if you want your child or children to improve in their mathematical skills, I strongly recommend you to sign your child or children to…Brain-O-Magic.
Chaitali P
Chaitali P
Brain-O-Magic is a great enrichment program for kids, aimed at improving their speed & accuracy in arithmetic and overall focus. Both my kids have been enrolled in this program for the past few years and can add, subtract, multiply & divide several large numbers within seconds. What I particularly admire is the dedication & commitment that the owner and teachers have towards ensuring that each child excels at this program. All in all a wonderful experience!
Indu Mohan
Indu Mohan
Hi, I highly recommend Brain-O-Magic which absolutely helped my daughter to become very proficient in Mental Math. Her confidence level has increased that she has secured 1st Rank in the country and 8th Rank in the World on Mental Math. My choice of making my daughter learn Abacus has helped her in every aspect and now she is looking forward to participate in every competition possible. My sincere thanks to Brain-O-Magic and her amazing teachers who made this possible.
Nivedhitha B
Nivedhitha B
My daughter started Brain O Magic foundation classes when she was in kindergarten. She graduated from Brain O Magic in her 3rd grade. All the four years were very beneficial for her. Not just academically, but Brain O Magic helps children to improve on their attention, focus, speed and punctuality. The teachers there truly encourage children to try and be their best always. They always motivate children to do better.
Barani sankar Durai
Barani sankar Durai
My son is attending Brain-O-Magic for more than a year, I find a lot of difference in his Math knowledge. I like the way they teach, teacher Ms. Ritu and Puja take special care on each kids and their concept understanding. It’s a unique way of learning Math and my son enjoys it. I strongly recommend Brain-O-Magic for Kids.
ankita bhargava
ankita bhargava
Brain O Magic is one of the best thing we could have done for our son. We are so happy to be working with Ms. Kowsalya , attentive and she is always ready to go the extra miles for her students. She takes care of her every student personally. With this Covid-19 situation, the management has made online education so smooth. I really appreciate how everyone is working hard to help kids learn and grow.
Rabia Khan
Rabia Khan
Highly recommended!!! My older daughter has been going to brain-o-magic for past 5 months and it’s an amazing learning experience for her. Miss Kowsalya is such an amazing and patient teacher and she is always there if your kid need some additional help and assistance with the concepts. Hopefully I’m going to enroll my younger one also!!