Graduate Programs

BrainOMagic Elite club:


  • Who: For children who have graduated from Brainomagic
  • When: Sunday’s 3pm-4pm starting this week
  • Where: Online


  • Participate in online games and competitions !
  • Keep up with your abacus skills and build much more
  • Be amazed at what you can do
  • Apply skills to some real word problems
  • Learn how to teach and mentor
  • Add on to speed and accuracy
  • Flexible options! join when you can and as many times as you can!

Click on this link to sign up! Please click on the link to sign up –

Mentorship Programs

Brain-O-Magic graduates and our higher level students can both benefit from the volunteer positions we offer via our mentoring program. This is an ideal opportunity for our graduates to learn leadership skills, teaching techniques and teamwork. We also offer a volunteer certificate for their participation in the mentoring program.

Requirements for Mentoring

  • Mentors must be in L10 or have graduated
  • Mentors should be able to meet once or twice a week for the one on one mentoring program or participate in the workshops whenever it works for them
  • Mentors should actively watch the training videos provided, attend all of the training sessions, and practice the concepts you will be working
  • Mentors should give updates on the children they are mentoring and reviews of each session

Let us know if you are interested in being a part of our leader mentor group. This is open to all students in or going to 9th grade or above. Lead mentors still participate in 1 on 1 mentoring but they will be responsible to organize and manage workshops. Contact us if you meet the requirement or are interested To sign up or receive more information, fill out this form: