2020 Best Effort Guidelines

2020 Best Effort Guidelines

2 children per center who do the the most number of 7.5 min practice sheet sets gets the trophy for the center.
Trophy will be given on Annual Day along with other trophies.
A link will be sent to enter number of 7.5 min sets done by children on April 2nd which will be due by 8PM.  Link will also be updated here.  If your child gets selected you will get a call from us that same night with further details. Once you submit the form with number of sheets on APRIL 2nd, If your child is among top 5 for the center you will receive a call from us on the number on form between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM. You will be asked to submit sheets in the center on Friday April 3rd. PLEASE BE SURE TO PICK THE CALL (maybe a 630 NUMBER or 510 number) OR CHECK V MAIL. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT SHEETS, CHILD WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR TROPHY.

WINNERS will be announced on Annual Day.


Each set has 100 questions.

  1. Count all Valid SETS done on or after 3/6/2020
  2.  Link will be sent to enter count of SETS on Thursday 4/2/2020 morning where you will enter count of sheets done by your child DUE by Thursday 4/2/2020 8:00 PM sharp. Link will be disabled at 8 PM and entry will not be considered.
  3. top 5 students that have highest number of SETS will get a call between 8:30-9:00pm.
  4. Submit the SETS on Friday 4/3/2020 in the center
  5. Center director will make sure SETS are valid and count is correct.
  6. 2 CHILDREN will be selected per center to Receive  trophy on the day of competition.

Valid Set :

A set is considered valid if

  1. One set is  set of 100 questions (not each individual sheet).
    • For F1-F4  and L1-L3 the 100 questions fit on one side of the page. You can print 2 sheets double sided. Each set of 100 questions will be counted as 1 sheet.
    • For L4 and above all papers with 100 questions should be printed double sided or stapled together and counted as 1 set. 50 Multiplication and division will be on one side and 50 Mentals will be on the other side. Both toghether count as 1 set.
  2. It is completed on or after 3/6/2020.
  3. It  should have DATE and TIME  printed on the top.
  4. It is corrected and has the score on TOP right. (score not needed if done in front of teacher and teacher signs it)
  5. If parent is grading answer keys should be attached , if teacher is grading teacher should sign it.
  6. The entire set does NOT need to have all questions completed. Children should have worked on a set for exactly 7.5  mins.

Obtaining  sheet :  


Special Instructions:

  1. Some questions may have negative answers. Children can ignore those questions. The actual competition will NOT have negative answers for Level 5 and below.
  2. Level 4 and up have 2 tabs on excel per set. All levels should have 100 questions for each set,
  3. Children can solve in any order and skip any questions they like, the goal is to get the most number of correct questions.
  4. Children might not be able to finish 100 questions… that is OK. The goal is to try to improve as much as possible.

QUESTIONS: Call Ms Puja (630-287-1008)